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photo on Flickr.


This absolutely GORGEOUS Green Anaconda belongs to Rob Hill


7 grams of Children’s Python! Such a tiny baby!



Colorful snake photography by Andrew McGibbon. Click on images for descriptions

Shared by Galaxy Reptiles.



Green tree pythons, while not the scary monsters some claim them to be, aren’t corn snakes or ball pythons and do have their own particular needs. These are animals where you need to do your homework ahead of time. I can’t emphasize enough that they—like any animal—should not be an impulse purchase. For those who want to own them, read and absorb as much information as you can. And then keep reading and learning, because as we learn more about these creatures, husbandry methods evolve and change.

I’ll link this post on my sidebar and try to update the info as needed.

* * * BOOKS * * *

  • The More Complete Chondro by Greg Maxwell

    The chondro bible.  While the info may not be as cutting edge as when it was first published, it’s still a solid foundation of information and should be read by anyone wanting to get into chondros.

    HardcovereBook, Kindle | eBook, Nook

  • Adventures in Green Python Country by Karl-Heinz Switak

    To my knowledge, this book is out of print. I have not read it, but have heard it’s a good read.

  • The Green Tree Python and Emerald Tree Boa: Care, Breeding and Natural History, Second Extended Edition by Ron Kivit and Stephen Wiseman

    I haven’t had a chance to read this one myself.


* * * ARTICLES * * *


* * * FORUMS * * *

  • Morelia Viridis Forum

    MVF is THE forum for chondro information. They now have a basic husbandry section, but the real treasure is the wealth of information in past threads. The search function is your friend. There is a ton of info there. Plenty of differing opinions and ways to do things, and it’s useful to read it all.

  • Morelia Pythons Forum

    I haven’t spent much time here myself, but it’s another resource for chondro info.

* * * RADIO * * *

  • Green Tree Python Keeper Radio (Blogtalk Radio | iTunes)

    They’ve had on important folks like Daniel Natusch (biologist who has studied chondros in the field) and Trooper Walsh (chondro pioneer, former keeper at NZP). Greg Maxwell is also slated to be on an upcoming show.

  • Morelia Python Radio (Blogtalk Radio | iTunes)

    Shows covering all Morelia species, not just chondros. They’ve had guests such as Rico Walder, David Newman, Gary Schiavino, Kimbery Burge, Marcial Mendez, Greg Stephens, Buddy Buscemi, Terry Phillip, etc.


  • hosts a number of scientific papers relating to green tree pythons.


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